Greenhouse Pretoria | Branches | Sunrise Greenhouse Tunnels | Capital Park, Pretoria

Greenhouse Pretoria is a large structure in which it is possible to stand and work with automated ventilation. High tunnels are hoop houses, manually ventilated by rolling up the sides. Greenhouse and high tunnel films are usually within the parameters of 80-220μm thick and 20m wide, and have a life span between 6–45 months dependent on several factors. The largest concentrations of greenhouses around the world are mainly found in two areas, with 80% throughout the Western Cape and Northern Cape and 15% in the Limpopo and Mpumalanga the area of greenhouse cover is still increasing at a fast rate, during the last decade it is estimated that it has been growing by 20% every year. Areas such as the Gauteng are growing in their use of plastic greenhouses by 15-20% per year, compared to the weak growth in more developed and economically stable areas such as Northwest leads the South Africa growth at 30% per year, translating into a volume of plastic film reaching 1,000,000 t/year. In 2006 80% of the area covered by plastic mulch is found in Mpumalanga where it has a growth rate of 25% per year; this is the highest in the South Africa



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